Air Conditioning in Portland

Air Conditioning UnitsAs Portland heads towards a record number of 90 degree days in July, I thought I would take another look at the percentages of homes for sale in Portland with air conditioning.

There are currently 2544 active residential listings in the city of Portland.  1255 (49.3%) of those listings are described in the listing as having ‘Central Air’, ‘Energy Star Cooling’, or ‘Heat Pump’.

Breaking down into price ranges:

  • Under $300,000: 52 of 252 listings (20.6%)
  • $301,000-$500,000: 453 of 1075 listings (42.1%)
  • $501,000-$700,000: 314 of 608 listings (51.6%)
  • $701,000 and up: 444 of 620 listings (71.6%)


One Comment on “Air Conditioning in Portland

  1. If you live in Portland, you might want to winterize your A/C system before it starts getting really cold outside because the unit can be damaged by the ice, snow, and debris.

    Here’s how to winterize your A/C unit:

    1. First, remove any grass, leaves, twigs, and debris from the unit and rinse it off.
    2. After letting it dry, turn off the power at the electrical circuit, to prevent it from switching back on.
    3. Then install rubber pipe insulation around the pipes to protect against freezing.
    4. Finally, cover your unit with an A/C cover, to keep ice, snow, and debris from building up on it.

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