Holiday Decorating

Holiday Decorating Mode: ACTIVATED

Post-Covid, the Holidays are looking a little different, and we are excited to see where the trends take us!

Times change, and the decorating changes based on what is happening in your life. One hot trend right now is a more organic and natural look, not decor you can find at your local grocery store or Costco. What it comes down to is your traditions and the decorations YOU LIKE.

Tip #1: Skip the real garland for high-touch places – like the staircase banister. Instead, put your fresh garland above your kitchen sink or fireplace mantel. You can also do a mixed fresh and faux garland! (FRESH GREENS HACK: Keep it outside in the cold until you need it for a party or entertaining. Be strategic about the timing when you bring it inside and put it up so it lasts longer in high-traffic areas.)

Tip #2: Keep it simple – Adding a splash of red and green by decorating with a bowl of ornaments or fresh floral in different spots of your home are simple and easy ways to add in some holiday cheer. Michelle recommends potted amaryllis, a collection of mini cypress trees, and blooming white calendula plants.

Tip #3: Keep your tree alive – If you choose to have a real tree there are a few things you can do to extend its life and help it last. Give it a fresh cut off the bottom before you bring it inside and put it in water. It is going to drink a lot of water the first couple of days so make sure you are being mindful of the water level so it doesn’t get too thirsty.

Tip #4: Start from the top – If your tree is not pre-lit, start the light strands from the top and work your way down, adding more strands of lights as needed. If you end up with extra lights at the end, just hide the cord behind the tree and no one will know.

Tip #5: Layer your decorations – When putting ornaments on the tree start off with one kind of ornament. If you do big silver balls, strategically spread them all over the tree so they are distributed in a diamond shape, then fill in with all your other ornaments from there.

Ready to hear all the tips and tricks? Watch the full episode on youtube or click the link below to listen to the full podcast.


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