Your guide to easy house plants

You CAN keep your houseplants alive. This time WILL be different.

Here is what you’re going to do to become a thriving plant parent!

You’re gonna go to the store (scroll down for our recommendations), look for these plants, and follow our instructions word for word. It’s gonna take courage, but we know you can do it. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Snake plants: Prefer shade to partial sun and sandy, well-drained soil. Water when the soil is dry. Avoid overwatering.

ZZ plants: Prefer medium to bright indirect light, up to six hours a day. Water every 2-3 weeks and let the soil dry out in between waterings.


Pothos plants: Tolerate most any light well, except for direct sunlight. Can be grown in water or dry soil. Only water when the soil feels dry.


Jade plants: Prefer bright indirect light. Water when the soil is dry and prune dead or shriveled branches.

Rubber trees: Like bright indirect light. In the winter, when rubber trees are dormant, water every 2 to 3 weeks.



Where to buy your new plant(s)!

We love supporting local small businesses, so if you aren’t located in the Portland Metro to Mid-Willamette Valley regions, take the opportunity to find a local small business to purchase your new plants from! Who knows, you may have an amazing shop right around the corner.


Solabee Flowers & Botanicals

801 N Killingsworth StHumbolt 1759 NW 24th Ave, Nob Hill 


Pistils Nursery

3811 N Mississippi Ave, Mississippi & 2139 NW Raleigh St, Suite 108, Slabtown 


Potted in Portland

2627 SE Clinton St, Richmond 


Garden Fever! 

3433 NE 24th Ave, Alameda 


Cedar & Stone

22540 SW Main St, Sherwood, OR 


The Sun Bear Den Plant Shop

189 Liberty St NE #101, Salem, OR



1185 12th St SE, Salem, OR


Did we miss your favorite shop or house plant? Comment below and share your recommendations!

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