March Home Maintenance Checklist

No need to get overwhelmed by March spring cleaning — take it room by room in manageable groups of threes. After all, three’s a charm!

In your living room
  1. Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures
  2. Vacuum or dry clean curtains and clean window blinds (Thinking about updating your blinds? CLICK HERE to check out our Real Talk Episode all about custom blinds for your home with Heidi the Blind Lady)
  3. Wipe down baseboards and clear corners of dust bunnies and cobwebs
In your bedrooms
  1. Clean out drawers and closets (CLICK HERE for our list of local Portland and Willamette Valley donation sites to drop off gently used items)
  2. Wash comforters, shams, and blankets
  3. Rotate and/or flip your mattress (CLEANING TIP: Mix Baking soda and lavender essential oil and sprinkle over your bare mattress, let sit for a few minutes and vacuum up for a clean and fresh smelling bed)
In your kitchen
  1. Empty the fridge and wipe down all the shelves (or stick them in the dishwasher if they’ll fit)
  2. Go through and organize your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Donate items you have multiples of or no longer use.
  3. Wipe down your microwave, stovetop, coffeemaker, and any other small appliances
In your bathrooms
  1. Toss out expired makeup, toiletries, and medicines* (How long have you been using that toothbrush? If you’ve had it longer than four months, toss that sucker in the garbage and open up a fresh one.)
  2. Wash the shower curtain and floor mats
  3. Clean your grout (TIP: We have been seeing a lot of people on TikTok using toilet bowl cleaner and a toothbrush to get their grout looking brand new! Have you tried this?)

*Most Portland/Willamette Valley Area Walgreens have medication disposal kiosks to drop your old/expired medications, just like putting a letter in a mailbox. Click Here for the list of locations and more information.

Spring cleaning is definitely not our favorite activity at Lovejoy Real Estate, but we love how we feel and how our home looks after a serious cleaning session! Want this checklist in a printable version? Click the Link and Download the PDF below!


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