Office Remodel Update

The Lovejoy Office remodel is finally starting to feel like we have an end in sight! Our team has been working temporarily out of the warehouse space in the back end of our building since the remodel started at the end of August 2022. The layout and fixtures are coming together even better than we imagined and making us so excited to get to move back in and start enjoying the new beautiful space.

Scroll down to view photos and see the progress we have made so far!


Buh-Bye old ugly siding!
Can you spot the change?
Our crews are working around the clock to get this job done!
Downstairs Bathroom with Shower
Downstairs | Cabinets being installed in our open office kitchen/meeting space
We love the gold modern hardware and all of the storage space these large cabinets and drawers are going to provide!
Upstairs bathroom | Matte Black hardware with an awesome modern gold light.
Upstairs | Lots of supplies needed for this remodel. On the right you can see the walls going in for our in-house videography room and the open space on the right will be a glass-walled office space.
Upstairs Marketing Space | Our marketing team will have desks in the open space and behind the wall on the left will be our in-house videography room! 
Upstairs Marketing Department Area. New windows, added skylights for more natural light and the new door is in! This space is coming along nicely!
View looking down on the kitchen/meeting space. We love how open, bright and versatile this space is going to be.


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