Case Shiller Climbs to 3% Below 2007 Peak

The Case Shiller report for May was released this morning and shows that Portland has climbed back to near pre-crash levels.  From a peak of 186 in August of 2007 to a valley of 129 in February 2012… Read More

March Case Shiller – Showing Promise

This morning, S&P Dow Jones Indices posted the latest results of the S&P/Case Shiller Home Price Indices. Case Shiller looks at information with a 60 day lag, so this latest report covers March 2015. The Case-Shiller Indices compare home prices… Read More

February Case Shiller: Solid Growth

The February Case Shiller Index was just released this week. This report covers home price changes over 20 metropolitan areas and always has a 60 day lag. The latest data shows continued solid growth with a 0.68% monthly… Read More

October 2014 Portland Case Shiller – Showing Continued Strength

The latest Portland Case Shiller Index report is out. As always, it covers the data from 60 days ago, meaning this report centers on data from October. Both the National Index and the Composite Index were down slightly…. Read More

Case Shiller Portland: Flat is Good

The national Case Shiller report for December 2013 was released this morning. Portland remained flat in December at 159.84.  During the traditional “slowdown season” of real estate, the Portland market has hovered at this level since August.  The… Read More

Portland Case Shiller September 2013

Case Shiller’s September 2013 housing report was released yesterday.  The two-month lagging report show that the Portland real estate market edged up from August.  The 160.18 is up less than a point but more importantly has rebounded 30… Read More

Portland Case Shiller for June 2012 Increases

The Case Shiller Index for June 2012 was released on Tuesday.  For the second month in a row, Portland showed strong gains, increasing 2.5% to 138.51.  Combined with the 2.6 % gain from April to May, the Case… Read More

Portland Case Shiller Up for 1st Time in 7 Months

The April 2012 Case Shiller report was released today and Portland reported its first gain in seven months.  The current Portland index is 131.62.  That’s 31.62 points above the reset point at 100 in January 2000 but well… Read More

Portland Real Estate Market Better Than Some

February’s Case Shiller Index was released today.  CNN’s headline reads, “Home Prices Lowest Since 2002.” For Portland, home prices sit at July 2004 prices: 129.60 which represents a .36 slide from January’s Case Shiller Index.  Case Shiller reports… Read More

Portland Case Shiller January 2012

Portland’s Case Shiller report for January 2012 looks like deja vu all over again.  The Index dropped 2% from December, mirroring the start to 2011.  In 2011 the Index posted losses for the first three months of the… Read More