South Waterfront: Portland’s Newest Neighborhood

Once discounted as a failed experiment, the South Waterfront in Portland is a growing area, now being labeled as “Portland’s Newest Neighborhood.” Originally tailored to an older generation, this booming area of Portland is expanding into a diverse… Read More

REDC Portland Auction Recap. SOLD!

I attended the Portland edition of REDC’s/ real estate auction this morning.  Our out-of-town client was the winning bidder on a property via the webcast.  I tracked the sales prices of the 26 properties and the graph shows… Read More

What Do We Look for In Investment Properties

Ring. “Hello, this is Charles.” “Hi Charles, this is John, I am a real estate investor.” “How many properties do you have, John.” “None, but I have been watching the market for years.” John is not a real… Read More

What is a 1031 Exchange in Real Estate

*** Disclaimer: this is not tax advice- consult an accountant with specific 1031 Exchange questions! We’re selling NE Ivy St. as an investment property. The price difference of what we bought it for in 2001 and the selling… Read More

Cash flow. Or Lack of.

Everyone wants a property that they can put little or no money down (leverage), rent out for more than it costs (cash flow) and will be worth a ton more than they paid for it when it sells… Read More