John Ross Sells Out

I just received an email from the sales team at the John Ross in the South Waterfront.  The units are sold out.  There are six resale units listed in RMLS.   It’s taken five years to sell through the… Read More

Going, Going, Gone! Condos Going to Auction

Real estate auctions in the Portland area are no longer surprising.  The Atwater Place auction led the way last year with an auction that sold off 40 units in under 90 minutes.  The John Ross resisted for awhile… Read More

New Construction Condo HOA Dues

If you are buying a new construction condo you may want to investigate when you will start paying the full HOA dues that have been quoted.  If the developer has not turned the HOA over to the home… Read More

Luxury Buildings Still in Trouble

The John Ross graces the cover of this week’s Portland Business Journal.  2121 Belmont is on the cover of today’s Oregonian.  Neither story tells a happy tale. 2121 Belmont was built to be sold as luxury condos at… Read More

Atwater Place Year End Sale

Accredited Marketing Partners has launched a new promotion for the South Waterfront’s Atwater Place Condominiums.  “Auction Prices” through November 15th according to the commercial on KGW.  The new website is 

Atwater Place Auction Raises Over $18M

It was all over by 5:30.  In 80 minutes, Accredited Marketing Partners sold 40 of the 41 Atwater Place South Waterfront condos on the auction block to a standing room only crowd.  I clocked the shortest auction at… Read More

Portland South Waterfront Update

My property search of the Portland’s South Waterfront shows 110 active listings in RMLS.  They range in price from $170,000 to $1,999,000.  Both units are in the John Ross.

The Wyatt Update

There have been a lot of recent hits on the blog looking for information on the Wyatt. Culled from various sources on the web (primarily we know the following: The site is known as the Cronin Block… Read More

The Wyatt (?)

The Wyatt is one of the newest towers going up in the Pearl District. The site is next to the Bridgeport Brewery at NW Marshal and NW 12th. I can’t tell you much more than that. The only… Read More

John Ross and The Strand

I visited both the John Ross and The Strand showrooms today. The John Ross was holding a Realtor’s open house and I wanted to see the models of the Strand to get a better idea of how the… Read More