A Potentially Sweeter Holiday for Short Sales

Just in time for the holidays, a bill is heading to President Obama’s desk to allow tax relief for those with short sale mortgage forgiveness in 2014. In short (no pun intended), a short sale is a real… Read More

Is the Distressed Property Era Over in Portland?

Is the distressed property era over? In Portland, the answer appears to be, “yes” but keep reading as to why that’s not entirely true.  “Distressed Properties” are those that are either short sales or bank owned (also know… Read More

Updated Short Sale Flowcharts

We’ve updated the flowcharts that we created to explain the short sale process.  There are three perspectives: Short Sales for Buyers, Short Sales for Sellers and an Overview of the Short Sale Process.  Those are the links to… Read More

How the Short Sale was Won

There are currently 3386 homes for sale in Portland according to RMLS.  703 (21%) are listed as short sales and of those 251 do not have at offers that have been submitted to the bank for approval.  There… Read More

Arms Length Short Sales

One of the features of a short sale is that the transaction must be “Arms Length.”  This means than an immediate family member or business partner or business associate can not buy your house if it is a… Read More

Short Sale Flow: Chart for Buyers

The process for buying a short sale is similar to the purchase of a conventional or bank owned property with a few key additions.  The biggest difference is that a short sale adds at least one more decision… Read More

Short Sale Flow: Chart for Sellers

There is an overall big picture for short sales but the process is different for the buyer or seller.  This flow chart outlines the process for the seller. This is a simplified version of a complex process so… Read More

Short Sale Process Flowchart

Short sales are going to be a part of the Portland real estate market for quite some time.  In its simplest form a short sale is where one or more lenders must approve a real estate sale because… Read More