RMLS Market Action August 2016: Taking a longer look at the market

To some, the latest edition of the RMLS market action may look like the market might be on a downturn first glance, and it certainly does without context. Zooming out and taking a longer look at what the market has done over the last year paints a much different picture.

Looking at the numbers month to month, average and median prices have dropped and average market time has increased. Under normal market conditions, these numbers might indicate that we’re heading into a buyer’s market. Looking at the year over year numbers it may not be that simple though.

What We Loved at Street of Dreams 2016: Gorgeous Outdoor Spaces

As our team does every year, we went down to Street of Dreams to check out the selection of handpicked luxury homes to see what real estate trends are next, to get some inspiration for our own homes, and just to gaze at some fantastic homes. We then asked our team to pick out something that they enjoyed the most about the homes and had them write about it.

Ray Gardner is up next and is one of our newest buyers agents on the team. He really loved the outdoor spaces at Street of Dreams, and the sheer beauty of all of them. 

street of dreams 2016 fireplace

What We Loved at Street of Dreams 2016: Art Imitating Nature

Recently, our team ventured to Street of Dreams 2016 in West Linn to get a look at out this year’s selection of homes to see what real estate trends are happening in the luxury market and to get some inspiration for our own homes. We wanted to get some unique perspectives on each of the homes, so we enlisted each of our buyers agents to write a blog post about the things they liked the most.

Melissa Messner is one of the newest agents on our team and always brings her unique perspective to everything. Read below to learn more about some of her favorite things she saw at Street of Dreams. 

What We Loved at Street of Dreams 2016: Wine Cellar

As our team does every year, we headed to Street of Dreams to check out this year’s latest selection of gorgeous luxury homes to see what real estate trends are next, to get some inspiration for our own homes, and just to gaze at some fantastic homes. We asked our team to pick out something that they enjoyed the most about the homes and had them write about it.

Using Drone Photography to Enhance Your Real Estate Listing

With technology advancing at a constant rate these days, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. This is especially true in the real estate world. There is constantly a new way to enhance your listing and make it stand out. It’s tough to wade through all the different ways to make your listing unique to find the ones that truly work. Sometimes something will even goes away before it’s really gained traction in the marketplace.

We’ve always wanted to be at the forefront when it comes to technology ready to embrace these trends and be one of the first to try them out and see how they can help our listing, evidenced by our Matterport camera, that we use to do 3D tours of all of our properties.

One of the newer trends that appears to have found it’s place in the market is drone photography. Drone photography has of course become incredibly popular over the last few years as the drone industry has taken off, but how can we apply the use of drones to real estate?

RMLS Market Action: June 2016

The Portland Metro area RMLS Market Action for June 2016 was just released, and the numbers look a little more promising for buyers than they have in recent months. Inventory has slightly increased, Prices are increasing – but not at as dramatic rates as months past – and the number of active listings is the highest it’s been in 2016.

PODs vs Pack Rat: A Storage Container Review

pod and packrat

We’re in the midst of a major home remodel to the extent that we have moved out and the vast majority of our possessions are in onsite storage containers. We have three PODs and a Pack Rat container. All are the 16’ models. How do they compare?

RMLS Portland Market Action: May 2016

Recently there has been a lot of suggestion that the red hot Portland real estate market may be cooling down a bit. People feel like they are seeing less activity on the market, more houses available, etc. Is this true? Is the market finally levelling off? Or is this all just rumors?

Lucky for us, the May 2016 RMLS market action just released, and rather than take a blind guess at what’s actually going on in the market we can look at facts and data to find out, so let’s take a look at the data after the jump.

New Development in Portland: Five Unique Projects

If you’ve spent any time in Portland in the last couple of years, you’ve probably seen the abundance of construction happening. Portland is booming, and there seems like there’s a new project popping up every single day.

Taking inspiration from Next Portland’s extensive map of upcoming and ongoing construction projects, we’ve gone through and selected a few of the more interesting projects that are under construction or soon to be that are helping to shape the future of an ever expanding Portland.

How Much Are Home Inspections Going to Cost You?

After you’ve gotten your offer accepted on a home, the next step most buyers take is going through the different home inspections that you need to make sure the home is truly the dream home you’re hoping it is. 

Inspections are entirely voluntary though, and with the market as hot as it has been recently, some buyers are choosing to waive inspections entirely, and are prepared to deal with any issues that may come up on their own. 

For the vast majority of buyers, taking the risk of not knowing what issues might come up before you sign the paperwork is not feasible. There are so many inspections available though, and it’s hard to know which inspections to do and how much this might set you back. 

Every home is different and the home inspections you should do vary depending on a number of variables (You’re not going to need an underground sprinkler inspection on a new construction condo.)