Is Vacant Property Registration a Good Idea?

I’m recycling this photo from a February posting on, ‘How often will my home get shown?’ as it is even more apropos to the Mayor’s Office proposal to require vacant property registration.  One September 13th, the Mayor’s Office… Read More

A “Different & Better” Bank Listing Time Lapse Video

Part of our motivation in joining Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate in November was to gain access to bank owned listings in Portland and the surrounding areas to compliment our existing business.  Bank owned listings are going to… Read More

Portland Short Sale and Bank Owned Property

Searching RMLS for residential property this morning there are 4208 Active listings in Portland. Of those, 441 (10.4%) are bank owned. There is a single listing over $1,000,000 priced at $1.7M. 750 (17.8%) are listed as short sales…. Read More