The Most Expensive Homes for Sale in Portland

The average piece of Portland real estate costs an average of under $300,000. If you had ten or more times that to spend on a house these would be some of your option. These homes are currently listed… Read More

Will Southeast Lead Portland’s Comeback?

It doesn’t take long to find two sides that don’t agree (NBA, NFL, US Government) and predicting a real estate comeback is no easier but if there was a front runner I’d be backing Southeast Portland right now…. Read More

More RMLS Market Action 11/09

I had an appointment this morning at a listing just after Market Action was published so only covered inventory in this morning’s post.  Pending sales are up over 2008 but closed sales are down.  That says that more… Read More

RMLS Market Action November 2009

RMLS of Portland just released their Portland real estate market data for November 2009.  Inventory ticked up a little from October’s 6.5 months.  The 9% increase is less than the month on month increase in 2008 but in… Read More

Carbon Monoxide Death in Portland

Portland’s “Arctic Blast” claimed one life yesterday and left a woman in the hospital reports KGW. The cause: carbon monoxide from a natural gas heater that wasn’t vented properly. I wrote this post last year after a family… Read More

Cold Weather Portland Real Estate

I woke up this morning thinking it was colder than normal in our bedroom even though the thermostat is set to run on a program. In a deja vu moment I remember that when it gets below freezing,… Read More

Case Shiller and RMLS Provide Different Views of Portland Real Estate

A couple of weeks ago I took a look at whether RMLS Market Action could help us predict what the trailing Case Shiller report might look like?  The answer was no, at least not as reported.  It was… Read More

Generational Real Estate

The recently released National Association of Realtor’s “Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers” reveals that the median age of a buyer is 39 (30 for first time buyers and 48 for repeat buyers). The median age of a… Read More

Tenant Rights for Foreclosures in Oregon

We often hear of the “Shadow Market” of homes that are not in the Portland real estate market statistics reported; there is a large inventory of home out there waiting to be listed. Other factors of a “shadow… Read More

Thanksgiving Wishes and Safety

It’s been four years since the roofers caused a fire at our house on Thanksgiving. Thankfully the house was still in the remodeling stage, we weren’t living there and nobody was hurt. The sounds of the fire department… Read More