RMLS Market Action June 2012

Portland real estate inventory continues to drop and June 2012’s 3.9 months is the lowest since March 2007 according to the June 2012 RMLS Market Action released yesterday.  It’s important to note that this is a totally different… Read More

RMLS Market Action May 2011

RMLS Market Action for May 2011 is out with mixed news.  The average sales price in Portland is down from April 1.8% to $262,400.  During the same period the median price increased .1% to $220,000.  The average sales… Read More

RMLS Market Action February 2010

The February RMLS Market Action report on the Portland real estate market came out this morning.  When I ran the Multnomah Country report yesterday I said that I thought that inventory would remain fairly static as there is… Read More

RMLS Market Action January 2010

Portland real estate inventory nearly doubled in January.  Inventory is a ratio of closed sales and active listings.  3937 new listings were taken in January compared to 2104 in December and closed sales declined compared to the previous… Read More

RMLS Market Action November 2009

RMLS of Portland just released their Portland real estate market data for November 2009.  Inventory ticked up a little from October’s 6.5 months.  The 9% increase is less than the month on month increase in 2008 but in… Read More

Can RMLS Market Action Predict Case Shiller?

The Case Shiller Index is released on the last Tuesday of each month (tomorrow).  The Index has a three month lag; tomorrow’s report will tell us about September.  RMLS Market Action comes out midway through the following month;… Read More

RMLS Market Action August 2009: Mixed Results

RMLS Market Action for August 2009 was just released.  Inventory rose for the first time this year but is 21% lower than it was this time last year.  At the current rate of sales, it would take 7.8… Read More

RMLS Market Action July 2009

The Federal Reserve meeting ended its two day meeting today without changing interest rates.  CNN reports, “Central bank says the long decline for U.S. economy appears to have ended, although it’s likely to remain week for awhile.” RMLS… Read More

RMLS Market Action June 2009

Portland real estate inventory dropped to 8.2 months, the lowest level since August 2007 according to the RMLS Market Action report released today.  Many say six months of inventory is market equilibrium.  Anything higher indicates a buyer’s market… Read More

RMLS Market Action May 2009

The image below is a snapshot of the just published RMLS Market Action for May 2009.  The decrease in inventory (a ratio of the active number of listing (14,493) and rate of sales) can be attributed to an… Read More