February Strong Month for Portland Real Estate

I’m still trying to compose myself after heading over to the Portland Business Journal to grab the link to the story discussing Portland unemployment at the bottom of this post.  I was shocked to see this headline: “Portland… Read More

This Week’s Real Estate News

Here’s four real estate related stories in the media this week. The first is yours truly on OPB’s Think Out Loud discussing the same year end Portland real estate market data cited in the second Portland Business Journal… Read More

This Week’s Real Estate Headlines

I collected a few real estate related articles this week. The first couple of paragraphs of each are quoted here and the complete stories are linked. All three are somewhat interrelated.  The first, from the National Association of… Read More

The Tale of Two Portland Real Estate Headlines

“Housing prices looking up, sort of.” “Portland Home Price drop 8.4%“ The first headline is by Eliot Njus of the Oregonian (print version, I can’t find it online).  The second is Wendy Culverwell’s of the Portland Business Journal. … Read More

Lower-priced apartment conversions will test condo market

There’s a current listing in the Henry (Pearl District) that prices out at about $500 per square foot. Coming soon, the Harrison Condos will put the rapidly escalating condo prices to the test. The condo conversion will be… Read More