Home Energy Score Starts January 1st in Portland

What is the Home Energy Score?  In its simplest form, it is the home equivalent of the MPG comparison for cars.  Starting January 1st, 2018, all homes listed in the City of Portland must have a Home Energy… Read More

South Waterfront: Portland’s Newest Neighborhood

Once discounted as a failed experiment, the South Waterfront in Portland is a growing area, now being labeled as “Portland’s Newest Neighborhood.” Originally tailored to an older generation, this booming area of Portland is expanding into a diverse… Read More

RMLS Market Action September 2014

RMLS Market Action for September is hot off the presses and here’s our monthly info graphic we produce monthly in-house.  Want to know the amount of equity in your home?  We offer a no cost/no obligation custom report… Read More

2010 Street of Dreams in 2011

I was driving along NW Skyline this afternoon and from there you can see a new home going in at the bottom of the cul de sac on NW Cresap Lane, the site of the 2010 Street of… Read More

The Most Expensive Homes for Sale in Portland

The average piece of Portland real estate costs an average of under $300,000. If you had ten or more times that to spend on a house these would be some of your option. These homes are currently listed… Read More

Will Southeast Lead Portland’s Comeback?

It doesn’t take long to find two sides that don’t agree (NBA, NFL, US Government) and predicting a real estate comeback is no easier but if there was a front runner I’d be backing Southeast Portland right now…. Read More

Case Shiller April 2011

“How’s the market?”  Our business coach wisely points out that, “It depends.”  What are you trying to do in the market?  The Case Shiller report for April 2011 was published last week.  If you read didn’t read anything… Read More

Portland Schools

I was asked today for a good resource for Portland schools.  There are lots of them.  Some are subjective, some provide rankings, some confirm what school your child will go to within a school district.  Schools are either… Read More

RMLS Market Action May 2011

RMLS Market Action for May 2011 is out with mixed news.  The average sales price in Portland is down from April 1.8% to $262,400.  During the same period the median price increased .1% to $220,000.  The average sales… Read More

Portland Real Estate: Got Cash?

When RMLS Market Action came out last week it was hard not to notice a sharp drop in average sales price.  In conversations about it, we thought that we were seeing more cash deals which presumably have a… Read More