Do I need a Permit to Remodel in Portland?

Straight from the Bureau of Development Services website on the issue of whether you not you need a permit. When it comes to sell your property, one of the disclosure questions asks if you needed a permit and… Read More

Northwest Portland Upcoming Projects

We’ve already talked a lot about the Strand, Vaux, Merriwether, and other complexes already under construction. A special note and condolences goes out to the friends and family of Erik van Doormick, the developer of the Benson Tower,… Read More

Portland Real Estate Moisture Intrusion and Litigation

In case you haven’t noticed, it rains in Portland and the rest of the Northwest. Today is a pleasant exception. We spend many months each year with wind and rain driving into the sides of our homes. Hopefully… Read More

Warm and Cozy in Portland: Oil Tanks

There a lots of ways to heat a house. The most common heat sources in Portland are natural gas and electricity. Not long ago though, oil was a very popular heat source and it is still in use… Read More