The “New” Real Estate Market in Portland

What a difference a couple of years makes!  In February of 2011, I ran a search in RMLS that resulted in 4208 active listings in Portland.  441 of those were bank owned (REO) and 750 were short sales. … Read More

Is the Distressed Property Era Over in Portland?

Is the distressed property era over? In Portland, the answer appears to be, “yes” but keep reading as to why that’s not entirely true.  “Distressed Properties” are those that are either short sales or bank owned (also know… Read More

RMLS Market Action January 2013

All of the conversations I have been having with Realtors lately center around a the theme, “I am loving this market, just wish there were more houses to show my clients.”  December gave us the lowest Portland housing… Read More

RMLS Market Action- Year in Review

The December 2012 RMLS Market Action gives us the complete picture of the 2012 Portland real estate market.  There 17,84 fewer new listings than 2011.  Coupled with 3,340 more closings than 2011, inventory was driven to lows we… Read More

Is Vacant Property Registration a Good Idea?

I’m recycling this photo from a February posting on, ‘How often will my home get shown?’ as it is even more apropos to the Mayor’s Office proposal to require vacant property registration.  One September 13th, the Mayor’s Office… Read More

Buying a Bank Owned Property Part 1

In its simplest form purchasing a home can be broken into three parts: 1) find house; 2) buy house; 3) get keys to house. Generalizations pretty much end there. The three legs of the current real estate market… Read More