RMLS Market Action April 2013

Bad blogger, bad blogger.  When you realize your last post was March’s RMLS Market Action report and April’s came out two days ago it’s time to start typing.  So here we go.  There’s no real surprise the inventory… Read More

RMLS Market Action March 2013

How low will it go?  RMLS Market Action for Portland real estate was released yesterday.  Metro inventory dropped to 3.2 months which is the lowest it’s been since June 2006.  “Metro” is a five county area so when… Read More

Portland Real Estate Market Update

When the Portland Business Journal’s January 2013 Case Shiller Index headline is, “Housing recovery starts to look like a boom,” y’all better be paying attention.  Long the messenger of doom and gloom Portland’s 8.3% year over year increase… Read More

RMLS Market Action January 2013

All of the conversations I have been having with Realtors lately center around a the theme, “I am loving this market, just wish there were more houses to show my clients.”  December gave us the lowest Portland housing… Read More

RMLS Market Action- Year in Review

The December 2012 RMLS Market Action gives us the complete picture of the 2012 Portland real estate market.  There 17,84 fewer new listings than 2011.  Coupled with 3,340 more closings than 2011, inventory was driven to lows we… Read More

RMLS Inventory in Review

When RMLS Market Action was released this afternoon the first thing I noticed was that December’s inventory is the lowest shown on the graphic.  The write-up doesn’t help as it just says it, “is the lowest in months.” … Read More

RMLS Inventory- How Low Can It Go?

RMLS Market Action for October 2012 was released yesterday and inventory has dropped even further to 3.8 months. 2012 has seen fewer new listing than 2011 but an increase in closed sales has pushed inventory levels even lower. … Read More

Portland Real Estate Market Continues to Gain

RMLS Market Action was released this morning just after I hit “post” on the time lapse video so today is a twofer.  New listings are down compared to last year and last month but inventory returned to 4.6… Read More

RMLS Market Action August 2012- Good News

RMLS Market Action for August 2012 was released yesterday and almost all metrics are better than they were last month and last year.  Inventory dropped back to 3.9 months.  The same as June which is the lowest level… Read More

July 2012 RMLS Market Action

RMLS Market Action for July 2012 was just released and it shows positive metrics compared to July of last year.  Inventory has bumped up to 4.6 months which is probably healthy for the overall market; if inventory stays… Read More