All We Wanted for Christmas was some Inventory

Realtors and homebuyers spent the holidays wishing for more inventory. They didn’t get it. The just released RMLS Market Action reports just 1.2 months of inventory for Portland Metro, the lowest level since 1999!  Metro is a five… Read More

Counting Bathrooms in RMLS

There is often confusion about counting bathrooms in RMLS.  Standard convention says that two full and one half bath would be 2.5 baths.  That’s pretty clear until you have two full and two half baths.  Now we have… Read More

Reading MLS Numbers

The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) number is essentially the serial number of a listing.  In RMLS the first two digits denote the year: 13208782 shows that the property was listed in 2013.  So what do the next six… Read More

Portland Case Shiller up for Sixth Straight Month

The Case Shiller Index was released this morning for the September 2012 reporting period and for the sixth consecutive month, the Portland MSA has increased.  Today’s 141.10 is the highest since November 2010 and 11.5 points above the… Read More

What is SSP- Short Sale Pending?

A few months ago RMLS added the short sale pending field to listings.  In a traditional sale, the life of a listing is Active –> Pending –> Sold.  When a property is changed to Pending in RMLS it… Read More

RMLS Market Action June 2012

Portland real estate inventory continues to drop and June 2012’s 3.9 months is the lowest since March 2007 according to the June 2012 RMLS Market Action released yesterday.  It’s important to note that this is a totally different… Read More

Portland Real Estate Loses Traction

Six continual months of (minimal) Portland real estate price appreciation has slipped away in the last two month.  The Case Shiller Index, released this morning shows Portland lost 2.18 points to end November at 133.26, essentially the same… Read More

2011 Year End Market Action Reports From OPB

I’m just heading down to the OPB studio for this morning’s Speak Out Loud segment at 9:00 AM.  Here are the links to the December 2011 RMLS Market Action reports: – All Areas (68 pages) – Baker County… Read More

RMLS Reports Lowest Portland Inventory Since June 2007

RMLS has released the year end December 2011 Market Action report.  Portland Metro inventory is 5.3 months.  This is the lowest inventory level since June of 2007 (5.0 months).  Inventory is the ratio of the number of closed… Read More

Portland housing market resolving for better 2012?

Writing for me is like going to the gym.  Love doing it but get out of the habit and it’s hard to get back to.  Today’s release of RMLS Market Action should get me back in the groove. … Read More