South Waterfront: Portland’s Newest Neighborhood

Once discounted as a failed experiment, the South Waterfront in Portland is a growing area, now being labeled as “Portland’s Newest Neighborhood.” Originally tailored to an older generation, this booming area of Portland is expanding into a diverse… Read More

South Waterfront Front Page News. Salpare Bay in Oregonian Again

If you picked up yesterday’s print Oregonian you’d have seen Ryan Frank’s featured cover story on the lack of low income housing in the South Waterfront.  Low income housing has always been a part of the plan for… Read More

South Waterfront John Ross Auction

Fifty John Ross condos in the South Waterfront go on the auction block this Sunday. Almost five years ago, I wrote this post on “Who Buys New Construction Condos?” It provided a demographic breakdown that the Oregonian published… Read More

Pearl District Versus South Waterfront

Is the Portland’s South Waterfront competitive with the Pearl District? Let’s look at the two areas of concentrated high rise buildings and see how they compare according to RMLS.  Note that the stats here rely on what was… Read More

South Waterfront on Auction Block

Buying real estate at auction usually conjured up visions of the county courthouse steps and massive fixer projects.  The last couple of years has changed that.  We’ve seen numerous builders unload inventory of new construction homes in the… Read More

Who Buys New Construction Condos?

The John Ross sold over 200 units the first week they were on the market. Who are these people and where do they come from? The Oregonian answered the question in Sunday’s paper: 52% are between 20-30 years… Read More